bot•hello launches Inner Health Plus Chatbot

August 10, 2021
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bot•hello is delighted to announce the launch of the Inner Health Plus Chatbot. Inner Health Plus, Australia's beloved probiotic brand, offers an extensive line of products for people of all ages, across various categories from general wellbeing to digestion and immunity.

Partnering with bot•hello, Inner Health Plus set out to create a Bot to help with customer education, helping people find the best probiotic solution for their unique health needs.

bot•hello designed and developed a Chatbot to act as a conversational product recommendation tool, taking customers through a series of questions on Facebook Messenger to determine the right vitamin or probiotic for their specific situation.  

Blending the in-store and digital customer experience, the Inner Health Chatbot provides omnichannel marketing and customer support.  Customers can scan a printed QR code at their local pharmacy or use a Facebook ad to engage with the Bot and answer questions about their individual health needs. They can go down a customised journey that delivers a recommendation tailored to their preferences.  

Inner Health QR Code

We developed the Bot using our partner, ChatBot. We used AWS Lambda webhooks and Sendgrid to email customers who opt in to receiving personalised health tips and product and purchase information based on their inputs with the Bot.

Check out the bot in action here.

Shoutout to our partners

Many thanks to Type + Pixel our project leads and collaborators who produced the terrific illustrations used throughout the Bot. It was also great to lend on Type + Pixel's expertise and guidance regarding the overall brand messaging for the campaign.

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