bot•hello launches Vanessa Bus Chatbot

January 26, 2021
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bot•hello is excited to announce the launch of the Vanessa Bus Chatbot.

The Vanessa Bus is a life-saving service, providing mobile breathalyser testing.  Targeting the younger demographic, they go to music festivals to test festival-goers for drugs and alcohol to see if they're ok to be behind the wheel.  Because of COVID, Vanessa Bus couldn't tour physically and needed to find another way to engage with the festival community and educate them on the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  

The Vanessa Bus Chatbot was a conversational educational tool that provides a digital experience for the Vanessa community to engage remotely and further their purpose and mission to educate the youth on the dangers of drinking and drug-related driving.

Partnering with bot•hello, Vanessa Bus ventured to create a Chatbot that their target customers could speak and relate to.  We personified the hip and fun Vanessa Bus brand with a digital persona baked into every element of the Bot — from the copy, language, and tone to images, graphics, and media.

Shoutout to our partners

Many thanks to Bolster, our special collaborator on this project, who designed the Bot's original on-brand illustration and graphics.

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