Facebook Acquires 3D Mapping Startup

July 15, 2020
Sean Melis
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Huge news! Facebook has acquired Scape Technology, a 3D mapping company that is creating a full 1:1 scale digital version of the real world. According to TechCrunch, the acquisition price sits at an estimated $40m.

Introducing ScapeKit by Scape Technologies on Vimeo

In addition to the Facebook Horizons announcement last year, and the confirmation of the long-rumoured development of their own AR glasses—this acquisition looks to tie everything together.

The Facebook ecosystem will inevitably cross realities to create a digital mixed reality environment of work, play, and socialisation. Facebook is evolving from its 2D app-based interface, into interactive environments that will shape the way we live and engage with the real world.

A user interacting with a chatbot in Virtual Reality (

We see this evolution directly impacting the Messenger ecosystem and the conversational channels that have been created between users and businesses.

We’re fascinated to see where this goes and how conversational bots will play a role in mixed reality environments.

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