Maximise Your Bottom Line With Self-Service Support

November 4, 2021
Katrina Santa Ana
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There’s no mistaking the value of customer support when it comes to your company's success.  With 80% of customers saying they’ve stopped doing business with a company after a negative customer service experience, companies can’t afford to ignore the value of a stellar customer care experience.  As your business looks to grow and scale, doing the same with your customer service practice is just as critical.  

One of the biggest challenges with scaling good customer support lies in handling a larger volume of customer support queries without spending tons of money, time, and resources while still delivering a personalised customer experience.  

That's where self-service solutions come in handy.  By using self-service solutions to augment your customer support practice, you’re appealing to the 70% of customers who use self-service channels to resolve their issues — all while increasing your support team’s efficiency without sacrificing the support quality that customers deserve.

Let’s explore the different ways self-service support can help your business and increase your ROI.

Quick and easy answers to common questions

A self-service resource like a Knowledge Base or FAQs page offers your customers a valuable resource to find answers on their own, any time of day, without having to reach out to your support team.  And customers want to have this access, with 91% of customers reporting that they would use a Knowledge Base if available to them.

Self-service resources don’t just provide value to customers. They also act as a reference point for support agents to reference or link articles during their customer service interactions.  

A win-win for everyone: a reduced volume of routine requests frees up team members for queries and issues that are more time-sensitive, complex, or that may require a more empathetic, human touch.

Routine requests handled

Using technology and self-service resources to automate your customer support experience doesn’t have to be a tradeoff between personalisation and efficiency.  In a study by Uberall, 40% of respondents said they were interested in using Chatbots, with 80% reporting a positive experience.

A well-designed Chatbot with conversational design principles and user experience top of mind can provide a satisfying customer experience.  You can ensure that your Bot is developed to give instant, accurate answers to common questions and can even integrate with a CRM, eCommerce system, or other business applications for the proper context to recognise and interact with your most loyal customers.  

As an enhancement to your customer service practice, Chatbots can prioritise requests before escalating more complex queries to a live agent.  

Shorter customer wait times

Customers dread the wait.  So much so that 60% of customers consider long holds and wait times as the most frustrating aspect of a poor customer service experience.  

With self-service tools and Chatbots handling routing requests and providing ready answers for your customers, long wait times can be a thing of the past.  

In the meantime, agents can more quickly address the customers whose needs require more care and attention.  

The right tech stack for self-service customer support

Today’s conversational customer support marketplace is full of innovations that can help you enhance your customer support experience with automation and self-service capabilities.  

Beyond integrating with your business systems, these platforms also allow you to centralise your customer communication across multiple channels.  Some services even allow you to connect your Chatbots and Knowledge Base to send relevant articles when customers ask related questions.

With self-service support and technology offering you a seamless way to get started, you can scale your customer service without compromising on personalisation — all while increasing customer satisfaction and retention to grow your business well into the future.

Ready to take your customer experience to the next level?