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October 26, 2021
Sean Melis
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To deliver a more significant impact on how businesses engage with their customers, we’ve evolved our mission, brand, and service offering 💫

On a mission to deliver an exceptional customer experience

Today’s customers expect more from businesses.  To meet these expectations and sky-high standards for customer care, today's business owners need a cohesive strategy to achieve their customer support and retention goals.  And, ultimately, beat out the tough competition.

We’re on a mission to help businesses design and implement a roadmap for customer service excellence using best-in-class technology that’s purpose-fit to their unique needs and stage of growth.

Our journey: going beyond the Bot

In the beginning, our core focus was to develop a bespoke conversational AI platform. A platform built with creatives in mind; we wanted to provide a simplistic, intuitive, and beautiful interface for copywriters, social media marketers, and designers to create the conversational experiences they've always wanted — no-code needed.

Alongside the development of our platform, we also used our standing as a 'conversational AI agency' to service clients across numerous industries. We’ve worked with the likes of Youfoodz, Brisbane Lions, Goodlife Health Clubs, Maybelline New York, and Splendour in the Grass. And we’ve built AI-driven customer support tools, product recommendation engines, lead generation funnels, and a variety of custom conversational journeys to suit our client's needs.

Through these experiences, we truly learned the art of 'conversation design' and creating chatbot experiences people enjoyed. We crafted experiences to delight our client's audiences with demographic-specific language, emojis, and GIFs. Each chatbot had its unique personality, complete with customised imagery and videos.

A successful bot project also required massive collaboration across a range of disciplines.  Every user journey needed to hit the right mark on brand alignment, tonality, ease-of-use, navigational efficiency, marketing KPIs, automation KPIs, and more.

While our previous approach included an element of customer service strategy, we were building applications specifically for Facebook Messenger.  We placed our bets on this channel becoming a dominant pillar in customer support and marketing for businesses. This wasn't the wisest move.

Facebook inhibited several functions within the Messenger platform that restricted our ability to build the applications we really wanted (some of these changes have since rolled back). This, of course, also had an enormous impact on our chatbot platform and our development roadmap planned within the Messenger space.

Not only that, but after working with over 30 businesses across eight different industries, it became evident that chatbots simply aren’t a silver bullet to a business’ customer support inefficiencies.

Enter the new bot•hello: our expanded services

Chatbots don’t work in a silo. They need a support ecosystem to maximise their value and ensure the solution can scale as the business grows.  

The beauty of this is that there are more and more innovations and tools on the market today to help businesses provide new levels of service for their customers.  

As a Customer Experience (CX) Optimisation Agency, we’re here to help you leverage these systems to maximise, automate, and enhance how you engage, interact with, and serve your customers for better customer satisfaction and retention, marketing, and sales.

We’re on the bleeding edge of technology to design, implement, and optimise how you use conversational customer service tools, such as:

Brand refresh: check out our new look

To go with our new direction and expanded focus, we wanted to update our brand to reflect this new era.  Not only are we looking to the future, but we’re also playing and participating in it.  

You’ll notice we’ve switched to a slick, cyber-punk theme with 3D emojis and high-quality graphics to impute a playful, yet professional and future-focused edge.

We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to play and experiment in this exciting, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it exponential technological change ecosystem.  

Moving forward

As we look to the future, we'll continue striving to use our expertise to deliver the best-in-class value to our clients — to help them provide unparalleled customer experiences and leverage tech to scale and build their business into sustainable and profitable companies.

We want to transform the way consumers interact with businesses, closing the digital divide and growing together.  Are you ready?  We definitely are.

Ready to take your customer experience to the next level?