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Elevating customer support for one of Australia's fastest-growing fashion labels

Apéro Label is a boutique Australian fashion brand with a fanatic online following across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. While Apéro stocks their products at resellers, they make the vast majority of their sales through their ecommerce site. As a result, maintaining a consistent, reliable, and on-brand digital customer experience is paramount.

Apéro approached bot•hello to develop tools to better serve their online community, build brand trust with new customers, and scale quality customer service for their rapidly-expanding fan base.

We analysed their customer experience practices to identify pain points and built and implemented an integrated Chatbot, self-service Knowledge Base, and customer support platform to maximise opportunities for automation.

Efficient support resolutions and faster response times

We worked with Apéro to understand their current processes and identify areas that could be automated to meet a large volume of incoming inquiries and requests through multiple channels.

Significant pain points included limited support resources faced with handling heavy support request volume and longer customer wait times impacting the overall customer experience.

Custom configurations and integrated solutions for automated customer support

To help Apéro's agents maximise their time and address customers' issues faster, we designed, configured, and implemented solutions that worked together and fit seamlessly into their team's workflow.

This way, their support team had more time to handle more complex requests and give extra attention to VIPs — with reduced wait time all around.

  • 🤖 Chatbot: The Apéro Chatbot was built and optimised to push common topics to the forefront and tailor the experience based on support or sales enquiries.  We also created a Storefinder, enabling customers to locate Apéro retailers and stockists right inside the Chatbot.
  • 🔎 Knowledge Base: Customers have an integrated self-service resource to find answers to common questions on their own.  
  • 🧩 Help Desk Ticketing: The support team has a Help Desk with custom-built configurations to automate workflows. We designed custom views to filter by inbox and status, including an archive for future reference. We updated macros with the latest templates, and Shopify integrations were implemented for agents to reference and pull in context for personalisation. Color-coded tagging was also set up to mirror views and help organize requests.
  • 🧑💻 Live Chat: Visitors can chat with a live agent for instant support.
  • 📚 Training Documentation: For easy hand-off to the Apéro team and future onboarding, we developed a comprehensive guide that goes over all the customizations, including macros, inbox configuration, Shopify integrations, rules, and tags.
  • 💬 Self-service chat: (Coming soon!) This feature will allow customers to use the chat widget to track orders, report issues, process returns, and cancel orders.
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Laz Smith

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