Engaging a loyal fanbase with intelligent and culturally relevant conversation

We connected with a loyal following and built new relationships using intelligent solutions designed to deliver the most value and relatable messages to visitors.

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One of Australia's fastest-growing fashion labels

Apéro Label is a boutique Australian fashion brand with a fanatic online following across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. While Apéro stocks their products at resellers, they do the vast majority of their business online. As a result, maintaining a consistent and reliable digital customer experience is paramount.

Throughout 2019, Apéro worked with bot•hello to build a Chatbot that could serve their online community while developing trust with new customers.

Building trust through convenience and functionality

During the Discovery phase, we identified a number of automation opportunities based on what customers were already asking Apéro through their Facebook Inbox. As with every client, we determined which of these opportunities would deliver the most value and built that functionality within Messenger.

Major pain points included the inability to efficiently find stockists/resellers, inaccessible company FAQs, and lack of after-hours customer service.

Using AI to scale relatability

To capture the Apéro brand in Chatbot form, it was important that users felt like they were speaking to a fellow Apéro customer. We accomplished this through the use of GIFs, emojis, and millennial shorthand. Specifically, GIFs with significant cultural relevance can be found throughout the Bot.

Given the variety of features in the Bot, ensuring that users could quickly and accurately navigate was imperative. As a result, the Chatbot utilises natural language processing to dynamically respond to free-text user inputs.

Assuming the Bot's confidence threshold is high enough, it'll respond with a one-to-one answer to the user's question. However, in some instances, the user may ask multiple questions in one message. In these scenarios, the Chatbot responds to the user with a number of potential options in descending order of its given confidence threshold. This allows the user to dynamically select the answer that they're seeking.

  • 🧠 Intelligent responses: Users can query the Bot using natural language phrases.
  • 📩 Targeted mailing list: Apéro now has a hyper-engaged channel to send content directly to their customers.
  • 🛒 Shop catalogue: Through API integrations, users can browse Apéro's range.
  • 📺 On-brand GIFs: Culturally relevant GIFs were used to communicate to and entertain users.
  • 👗 Outfit finder: Visitors can find new outfits based on upcoming events.
  • 📍Stockist finder: Users can find reseller locations across the country based on postcode.
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Of inbound enquiries handled by the Bot
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"It has changed the way we communicate with our customers - highly recommend working with these guys!"
Laz Smith

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