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Lifting the customer care game with one of Australia’s largest health clubs

Proactively addressing and resolving high message volume around the clock for gym members navigating the uncertain times of COVID-19.

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Over 270,000 members across Australia

Goodlife is one of Australia’s most popular health club chains. With over 270,000 members and clubs across the country, customer care and support is vital to Goodlife’s continued success.

Members engage with the club through various social media platforms, with Facebook as one of their most engaged channels at over 95,000 likes.

Hundreds of repetitive messages received each week

On any given week, Goodlife receives over a hundred Facebook messages from current and potential members. This message volume fluctuates heavily with messages often coming on the weekend and outside business hours. Responding to these messages can be challenging, as older and potentially more urgent enquiries get buried underneath the influx from the previous night or weekend.

Additionally, a large portion of these queries are repetitive. With many of the answers available on the website, it’s not an efficient use of staff members' time to regularly redirect users to web pages within Messenger. The inability to triage and prioritise enquiries can also put a considerable strain on the customer service team. Every question needs to be treated with the same amount of time, attention, and care as the last one.

24/7 service and care for Goodlife members

bot•hello delivered a solution that not only alleviated Goodlife’s customer service pain points but created a channel to express Goodlife’s personality. The Bot kept the conversation entertaining, yet highly intuitive for users through engaging copy, bespoke graphics, and meticulously selected GIFs. It was essential to Goodlife that the conversational copy reflect the youthful, vibrant, and welcoming culture the organisation has built over the years.

  • 🧠 Intelligent responses: Users are able to query the Bot using natural language phrases (e.g. “How much does membership cost?”).
  • 📺 Video content: Users can interact with videos about the Goodlife community and members who have changed their lives through fitness.
  • 🗳 Automated feedback: Members can submit feedback directly to the Bot, which is automatically sent to their club.
  • 🙋‍♀️ Smart takeover: The Goodlife team will be notified when a user requires human assistance. This can be activated with the tap of a button.
  • 📩 Targeted broadcasts: Goodlife Health Clubs now have a new, hyper-engaging channel to send content directly to their current and potential members.
  • ⚡️ Instant 24/7 service: The Goodlife Chatbot doesn’t sleep, take breaks, or change moods. It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
81% 🤖
Of inbound enquiries handled by the bot
20 🕜
Support hours alleviated per month
300 🔗
URL clickthroughs per month
"The team at bot•hello were able to take our brand to a level that we have been longing to achieve, and they executed it perfectly."
Brienne Gould
Social Media & Communications Coordinator

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