Redmako Learning

Personality-driven education, whilst capturing high-intent leads

We supported an entire virtual classroom with building qualified leads, driving sales and conversions, and reducing manual administrative workload.

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Innovative education

Redmako Learning is a cutting-edge training organisation with students across Australia. An innovative culture led to Redmako pioneering courses delivered in virtual reality.

As a forward-thinking, tech-driven organisation, Redmako recognized that a Messenger Chatbot would help take their marketing and lead generation to the next level.

Custom-tailored communication at scale

Considering how unique and novel the concept of education in virtual reality is, streamlining and scaling product communication was vital. Given the short attention span of users (as of 2019, the average human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish), pushing this message out as a Facebook ad to a large audience would be ineffective.

Traditionally, explanatory videos would be the best approach for educational organisations on Facebook. However, this format can't be personalised, and the content may not apply to all users.

When marketing a new and unknown product, answering all the questions users may have in a single video or ad is difficult. As such, utilising a Chatbot with contextual responses based on user input allows for personalised offers and information—a key factor for enabling automated lead generation.

Personalised education and lead generation that scales

A Facebook Messenger Chatbot enabled the Redmako team to personalise their communications to prospective and current students without unnecessary time or cost burden. In segmenting inbound leads by course preference, payment plans, and demographic information, Redmako could present tailored options for each user.

Within the conversational flows, we were able to let the Redmako brand shine, utilising emojis and GIFs to engage younger demographics. Additionally, every lead submitted into the Bot flow was stored directly in the Redmako CRM. This lead data included the prospect's name, email, mobile number, and course preference. Streamlining the data collection process was imperative in meeting the enquiry volume and Redmako’s backend sales processes.

  • 🧠 Intelligent responses: Users are able to query the Bot using natural language phrases (e.g., “How much does the course cost?”).
  • 📺 Video content: Users can watch engaging videos which show them what it'd be like to study a course in virtual reality.
  • 📥 Driving conversions: Potential customers go down a discovery and learning funnel which leads to an enrollment form.
  • 🙋‍♀️ Smart takeover: The Redmako team will be notified when a user requires human assistance. This can be activated with the tap of a button.
  • 📣 Targeted broadcasts: A highly-engaged channel to send content directly to their current and future students.
  • ⚡ Instant 24/7 service: The Redmako Chatbot doesn’t sleep, take breaks, or change moods. It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
11 🕘
Support hours alleviated per month
42% 📥
Leads converted by the chatbot
94% 👀
Message open rate

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