Building a more efficient way to serve multiple customer bases

Enhanced customer satisfaction and an improved bottom line through automation and self-service resources for scaled customer support and efficiency.

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Bringing together thousands of skilled trade providers and customers Australia-wide. is a free online platform and mobile app that connects local tradespeople across Australia with customers in need of specialised services. worked with bot•hello to build and implement self-service resources like an integrated Chatbot and Knowledge Base to serve their two main audiences, businesses and customers seeking tradies, to reduce customer wait times, scale customer support, and improve the overall customer experience.

Enhancing operational efficiency for faster customer support resolutions

During the Discovery phase, we worked with to identify several opportunities to design and set up automations that maximise their customer support processes and platform capabilities.

Major pain points included a disproportionate amount of support resources manually handling repetitive requests and enquiries resulting in longer wait times for customers awaiting a resolution.

Automations optimised for speedy customer support and increased satisfaction.

To reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction, we identified the most valuable opportunities for automation, focusing on the areas that would benefit customers by addressing the most routine enquiries.

By freeing up the time spent by the support team to manually handle recurring requests, agents would be available to handle more complex queries, and customers get faster answers.

Solutions are also integrated for seamless service.

  • 🤖  Chatbot: Users can use the Bot 24/7/365 for customer service and answers to frequent queries.
  • 📚  Knowledge Base: Customers have an integrated self-service resource with rateable articles to find answers to common questions without contacting customer support.  
  • 🧩  Help Desk Ticketing: Help Desk automations, such as ticket routing and Macro-generated responses, help agents provide quality service faster.
  • 🧑‍💻  Live Chat: Visitors can chat with a live agent for instant support.  Live Chat enhancements also include pre-chat surveys with page-specific prompts for lead qualification and triaging.
21% 📥
Reduction in expected ticket volume
42% ⚡️
Reduction in average ticket handle time
300 👀
Knowledge Base views per month
Sean and the team have helped us massively up our game in terms of customer experience for both our users and our trades businesses! To be able to leverage the knowledge and capability of the bot•hello team has been invaluable, and allowed us to deliver upgraded features and functionality to our platform for the benefit of our customers.
Dan Kerr
Chief Executive Officer

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